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Goals & Eligibility: The DBC Educational Foundation's Teacher Grants and Student Essay Contest Programs are consistent with our purpose to give every child the opportunity to learn to do more in school, career, and community.  Our programs are currently available to the teachers and students communities in the schools that Darrick Clark attended while growing up in Philadelphia. These schools are William Dick Elementary, John F. McCloskey Elementary, Morris E. Leeds Middle School and Germantown High School.

Teacher Grants: The DBC Educational Foundation seeks to empower teachers to educate in new and imaginative ways using technology. We provide up to $1,500 per teacher in support funding. For more information, please click on the following link. Teacher Grant Program Details.

Student Essay Contest: A key objective of the DBC Educational Foundation is to encourage and promote creative uses of technology among students through our essay contest. For more information, please click on the following link. Student Essay Contest Details.

Science Award:  Open to students at McCloskey Elementary School, this program is a collaboration between Mr. Steve Cohen, Science teacher at McCloskey, and the DBC Educational Foundation.  Students learn the fundamentals of basic scientific research.  Recent Contest Winners.


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