The Asteame Nipple Guard

One of the least publicized aspects of breast reconstruction is that the nipple generally flattens, often within weeks of the nipple reconstruction surgery. This can have a lasting, negative psychological impact on a woman.

The Nipple Guard is a protective, reinforced bandage that lessens compression, shear, and tensile forces, mainly due to scar tissue contraction on the new nipple, allowing the nipple to heal in an upright / protruded position.

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"I am delighted with Asteame's Nipple Guard. I find your product to be comfortable but absolutely protective. My doctor is impressed with how well I am healing and it is comforting to know I am doing what I can to maintain my good results." -- Ruth, NJ

"I used the Nipple Guards for 4 months after surgery and am thrilled with the results. They were easy to use and comfortable.  And my husband loves the results too!  Plus, now I don't feel embarrassed if I am changing in front of others in the locker room at the gym or when I'm traveling with friends." -- Sandy Lenington

"The Nipple Guard protects the reconstructed nipple from direct pressure and is an effective means of preserving nipple projection after nipple reconstruction."
-- Gordon Lee, MD

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Clinic, Stanford University Medical Center

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Nipple Guard*

  • Soft, comfortable protection
  • Inconspicuous under clothing
  • Disposable and easy to use
  • Hypoallergenic adhesive
  • Works with all nipple reconstruction techniques



* Patent Pending. US Application No. 12/098,188.

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